6 Month old Little Man


I am trying to break this cycle and stop being nearly a month behind on these updates… but late is better than never and again, the pictures are more faithful than the posting date!

6mon (2)

Our little man turned 6 months at the end of July, and he is just a darling, as always!

I dressed him up for his little photo shoot and would have gotten more pictures if he hadn’t promptly spat up all over the outfit, blanket, everything, and of course getting back to it just didn’t happen.  Judging by the pictures, he had already made a mess of his shirt that I didn’t notice til right about now. 6mon (3)

At his 6 month check up little Huey was right up there in the 99.9 percentile… No surprise to me, I have been carrying the little giant baby around all the time.
So yeah, hes wearing everything from 12-24 month clothes… so yes, some of the same sized items as Clara wears.

Clara wanted the both to be pirates one day and so they both could wear the two pirate shirts Hugh has, so adorable. She calls them “Yo-Ho’s” also, matching diapers… cute or what. Yeah they are pretty much the same size.


But he’s healthy and strong, very strong! Don’t let him grab your hair, face, lips, anything with his expert pincher grasp!

He has mastered both ways rolling, and can manouver all over the room with twists and turns and his creative rolling techniques.

He had his first real sickness during the last month. A cold/virus/flu thing ripped through our family and really did a number on sleep, but we made it through and he is back to sleeping like a little champ.
6mon (4)

He has his two bottom compers now, and is starting to use them every once in awhile as he is showing some interest in solid foods. He has tried acavado (not a fan) yogurt (clara gave it to him, not me, but he was a BIG fan) applesauce (liked it) baby mmm crackers (no likey) and a few other bits and bites here and there.

He also does the adorable mouth/horn-beak face when he is amazed at the little sharp things in his mouth and cant stop playing with his teeth with his little tongue.

And he is getting better and better at sitting.

6mon (5)

We are all so in love with our little sweet son and can’t believe its been a whole half a year since he arrived on the “outside” and we got to get to know him! 6mon (5)We love you little mister!




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2 Responses to 6 Month old Little Man

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh my goodness, he is adorable!! What a big boy – luckily you’re getting some great workouts from holding him!


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