Come spend a Sunny, Sleepy, Searchy day with me

I love reading the day-in-the-life posts that other bloggers write, even if it seems like a mundane and simple day, it is interesting to see how mamas days can be so similar and so different all at the same time. My reason for writing this is partly because I complain a lot. I can imagine in the future, when I am hopfeully chasing after half a dozen kids or more (and complaining) I will look back and wonder how I could have EVER complained about being “bored”(my usual) or overwhelmed with just the two, but some how I do.

Every phase has its own challenges and I am just a little curious how I will look back on this time when I have in a new and very different season of life. I spontaneously decided to do this on a day which happened to be after we had a number of guests for the weekend. Clara seems to be battling a infection, hopefully we will get results from the test we took to see if it is a UTI. When I woke up this day, there was nothing on the calendar except a vague meal plan for pasta salad.

Everything earlier than this is a blur… it was a rough night
 Get 15 minutes uninturrupted sleep rest while Clara watches Dora as daddy eats breakfast and packs his lunch

7:30 Hugh’s awake, I bring him down stairs, say good bye to Brian, and we watch (sleep through) another episode of “Dor=Dor” (In Clara’s world this means netflix, not any particular show)

8:25 Poop explosion#1

8:34 Begin the search which will last all day (week?) throughout the house for lost phone
Put away 1 load of laundry, start dishwasher

9:23 Put Hugh down for a nap in the guest room so I can keep putting laundry away

9:45 Put 2 eggs in the pan for breakfast
run upstairs and put crying baby back to sleep
run down stairs and save the eggs from over cooking

9:52 Start this post
make toast
watch Clara nurse a dolly while I eat my breakfast, nevermind apparently its her breakfast, she ate one of my eggs.

10:03 A moment of quiet, I take advantage and Read saint of the day. Happy Namesake’s day to Hannah’s little Kate
Quiet time over, sort laundry for the day

10:18 Bring out trash – its not garbage day, but we have a tendency to forget until the truck is going by, so I am trying to give us a head start

10:28 Clean up back yard and put on sprinkler to water the grass
Clara follows me around, does this count as out side play time for the morning?

10:36 Cut peonies from the back bush, realize these will be an outside decoration as they are littered with ants and spiders, but so pretty!

f  vlxx  Clara gets ahold of the ipad

10:50 I wrastle with one of those important questions: do the dishes? or shower? (these are a weekends worth of guests-were-over dishes)… I decide to shower while “appo ipad” puzzles are played by Clara

photo 2 (3)


11:03 Feeling clean and ready to take on some mess I turn my attention to dishes
and laundry
and find that phone goshdarnit!!!!

11:15 Get the water going for pasta salad I have never made before
water plants and move sprinkler
It’s the end of the world. Clara got hit by the sprinkler

11:29 Realize I never turned the burner on for the pasta I’m trying to make, apparently that helps.

11:39 It takes water a long time to boil
Clara picked out a bright orange piece of paper to draw a picture of “dots dots dots” on, she’s actually entertaining herself quite well, with only a slightly blue nose to show for it. I have a lot of this:photo (5)

whenever I look down.
The weekend was busy and full of  activities, now that we are home I switch back to using cloth diapers to save a few pennies

photo 5

After. please tell me you can notice a difference

12:10 Kitchen after pic!! Clara ate while I was cleaning, a lunch of avocado and some of the coloured noodles I made (for the salad tonight)
In all my cleaning and searching, I found:
a moth (alive) in the phone charging and stereo wires
and, a bottle of sunscreen the expired in 2010
but I did not find my phone.

12:11 Turn off sprinkler, take little girl to bed
Hugh’s still asleep? wow. I am crediting this to swaddling him again, I stopped for awhile because it was so hot, but his naps for shorter. I think its worth it.
I didn’t eat lunch yet but maybe its time for an ice coffee,

photo 4

End result
photo 3

and one more load of laundry

12:27 Filled the kiddie pool for some afternoon fun, maybe the midday sun will take it from Fridged cold to just regular old Bitter cold…
Clara is sill resisting the urge to sleep… Hugh is some how still asleep.

12:42 not anymore, two awake

12:53 scrounged together a lunch
I promise this is leftovers scrounging. We just had guests over the weekend so my sister made fancy things like mango salsa
photo 2 (1)
first Facebook check of the day

1:22 Nothing really good online, and this little guy is content playing on the floor,
photo 1

so maybe I can do some folding now instead of waiting to do it all tonight..
Clara is sleeping finally…

1:30 Hugh is so happy talking to himself and playing on the floor, and successfully completed his 7? 8th? roll from back to front… yay for baby accomplishments!

1:52 Read a couple blogs (pray for Mary and her baby daughter Gemma if you can!) and fold a load of laundry. Trying to think of more places I can look for my phone. Thankfully Brian is calling the doctors office trying to see if they are trying to get a hold of us, but no answer. Grateful for iMessage and being able to text him from the ipad even when my phone is lost.

2:22 Hung out with my sweet little boy for awhile, playing, nursing, and trying to read the readings for the daily mass when he was nursing less ‘interactively.’ I do not normally get this far in my prayer life for the day, let’s try to make this the start of something better!

3:12 Awhile has gone by but really… not much has happened. Clara is still asleep, Hugh is hanging out and bouncing between playing on the floor, in the high chair, the play station (exersaucer) and my arms. He’s a happy camper generally.
I am going to try to pull together something like this Pesto Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomato for dinner, but I don’t have asparagus, and don’t want to turn on the oven to roast anything so, we will see how it all comes together.
I have done a few more loads of laundry, a couple more blogs read, and when there were no new posts and no good facebook arguments to watch I even did a few clash of clans battles (don’t laugh, my hubby loved it and I would rather play with him than watch him play so I jumped in)

3:26 Unload dishwasher again to make the evening dish episode less work, which will inevitably be done by my sweet hubby who does it almost every night

3:27  poop explosion #2

3:36 my first ever attempt at blanching, is that even a thing you do to broccoli?? Do I look up how? Nope. I figure it must only get steamed for a very short time because I don’t want it to be soft. If nothing else, my broccoli is very very clean.

3:40 Hugh is really conquering this rolling business

3:55 I’m working on dinner, its almost done, and Hugh falls asleep in the high chair, I transfer him up to the guest bed… maybe not such a good idea any more now that he’s rolling better, maybe its time to rearrange beds and cribs and playpens… Clara is still asleep

4:04 Best text of the day: “I’m coming home” from Brian

4:15 I wait for Brian to get home and cook bacon to turn my broccoli-pasta-tomato-pesto dish into a man friendly meal, all while reading some blogs and feeling like I was cooking while hanging and chatting with some good friends in my kitchen, which has got to be one of the best ways to cook.

4:23 Note to self: do not try to get yourself a glass of water while reading Blythes blog. You will laugh and drop it and smash a glass all over the kitchen floor.
Bonus chore of the day, the kitchen floor got swept

4:36 Blog reader empty… realize, I haven’t checked instagram all!! day!!! worst part of missing my phone!

4:43 He’s home!
Since dinner is ready, we have a date style dinner outside while both kids sleep, I honestly think this is the first time we have ever done this. Worth repeating!
photo (2)
5:08 Done dinner. Clara wakes up and Brian reads to her while I do dishes

5:43 Since its not even 6 and dinner and dishes and everything are done, this seems like the kind of evening to fill up with my favourite things: PLANS!!
Decide on Target to return a lampshade that is the wrong size for our lamp

5:55 My mom stops by with a life jacket for Clara to use at the lake. Brian works on getting both kids changed and shod for the expedition

6:12 Get to Target. Target only relatively recently arrived in Canada, so there is still lots of novelty with going there, more than the usual Target fun. We buy supplies for dirt dessert, some dollar section goodies, and birthday presents for Clara’s little friend whose party is coming up.

7:12 Get back in the car

7:24 Stop at Canadian Tire to look for glue to repair a floppy piece of windshield sealant that’s been bugging us since October.

7:42 Get home

8:26 start putting a little needy Clara down to bed, there will be extra books and songs tonight

9:12 She’s asleep, and Brian’s gotten Hugh to sleep too!! adult time! win!
Brian makes us a little ice cream with melted Peanut butter drizzled on top, does everyone do this? because they should. It’s delicious! We watch a few episodes of mindless TV… (Game of Stones anyone? And we are SUCH suckers for How it’s Made and Food Factory)

10:00 Quick go to bed before another episode of anything starts….

Good night!


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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