Quick 5 Month update on HJ, before he hits 6 months!

Here I go again, terribly late… but the pictures are from the proper date, which is sorta kinda close to the 4th of July (June 29th) so I dressed him all up in some stars and stripes!

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (4) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (3)

So he is still going strong high 90’s on the growth charts (I’ll take him in on the 29th of this month, for the real deal 6 month check up) but we have moved him to a big boy car seat because he is certainly beyond the 22 pound limit on the infant car seat (probably pushing 24 now) and tall and strong, and ROLLING!!!! I feel I can finally call him proficient in the back to front roll. Unfortunately that leaves him face first in the floor in tummy time position which is NOT a favourite, so hopefully the front to back roll is mastered soon.

He has tried a few bites of this and that but isn’t a huge fan of the food thing, surprisingly, so I’m happy to take my time and save that messy fun for a later date. No teeth so far and not any terrible teething either.

He is almost sitting on his own, but that’s a lot of little man to support, so give a babe a break! might take him a while more to work on the muscles to hold all that up steady, but he is loving the jolly jumper, exercaucer, any other thingymabob that can help him stay uprightish to play with things, and we kind of had to retire the Bumbo (those legs ‘aint fitting no more!) but he sits in the high chair and really enjoys a tray full of noisy toys! atta boy!

photo (4)

First dip in the lake today (no picture of him ‘swimming’… lost phone. sad face) but he is a LOVER of the aqua and really enjoys our weekly or twice weekly trips to the lake. And the back yard pool. And bath time.
photo (3)

Of course it is not a competition. at all. in no way. of course. but just for comparison here he is with his 1 week older cousin.

photo 5 (3)

But if Hugh may win in size… Gabe’s certainly gotten him beat in skillz… hes a rolling back and forth and eating and even crawling!! so yes, hes a talented little chap while Huey the big ol sweety is happy to sit and watch, if someone hold him in a seated position, that is.

photo 1 (1)

and I just have to share this one last picture because it is so darling!! The other day at my mom and dads for a BBQ, Huey with his great gramma Jill



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