Joining in on Kendra’s Fun

This is my first time accepting the invitation to Kendra’s “best cocktail party on the internet” that may or may not be a misquote. I have been thinking more and more about whether or not and why I want to blog, and I keep coming back to two reasons; to be able to look back and have a little virtual scrapbook of our adventures, and secondly to get to know some of the awesome bloggers I know and love. Hence, participating in some of these fun link ups….

How did you get your name?

Well, thanks for asking! My parents had picked out a few names for me, but were taking a little while to sign the papers, and my older sister, who had just turned 3 at that time, told them: “I don’t care what you name the baby, I am calling her Amy” and being the young and naive parents that they were at that time, they thought: Oh poor baby, she will be so confused, we better go with the three year old. So Amy it was. Named after this little odd children’s book which at the time was my big sisters favourite…

different spelling but yes this is the actual book that my sister loved

different spelling but yes this is the actual book that my sister loved

Not that I am resentful at all. I have come to love my name. I tried the same thing on the next baby… thought of my favourite book at the time, and announced to my parents that “I don’t care if you’ve named the new baby Emma, I am naming her Big Bird” but they had learned their lesson and didn’t give in, so Emma it is.

Do I have a set time for prayer in my day?

I try to pray a morning offering at some point during the day. My mom got us in the habit of praying on with the grace before breakfast, which I should resurrect because it was a good habit. A few months ago when I really noticed the need to put more effort into my prayer life, I kept coming back to the words of St. John Damascen, as quoted in the Catechism “Prayer is raising of ones mind and heart to God”. Not “Prayer is lots and lots of rosaries” “prayer is daily mass” “prayer is on your knees” etc. etc. and so I realized, hey, I can do this, I can lift up my mind and heart to God, while I am nursing a baby, while I am folding laundry, while I am waiting silently to be really really sure she is really really asleep so I can creep out of the room….. So I would think of people who needed prayers, or just really not think at all, but just lift up my heart to God and BE with him. It has helped trememdously. Now I ususally do pray like that for awhile, and then morph into a few decades of the rosary, or some novena prayers… but I am still working on getting a few more formal times for prayer and reading spiritual books into my day. And we have been putting huge effort into getting to confession every two weeks, I think that has been helping A LOT. next step, a week day mass each week.

Did my mom work or stay home?

My mom is a lawyer, and worked for a few years after getting married, and when she had her first baby and for a little while when I was very young maybe (as far as I have been told? mom? am I making things up?) But once my older sister was school age she decided to stay home full time and homeschool her, so ever since then she has been home, raising us 8 children, educating us as home for, must be about 25 years now, and she still has a year or two to go before the youngest graduates highschool!

my mom with her 3 grandkids on mothers day

my mom with her 3 grandkids on mothers day

Do I vote?

Yes, although I think I have missed one or two elections due to travel and being not on the ball enough to figure out absentee voting far enough in advance. I am just like Kendra, I take seriously my right to complain and don’t feel I can exercise it if I did not conscentiously vote

What is my favourite drink?

depends on my mood. Lately the iced coffee can’t be beat. photo 3I try to have the supplies ready at home so I can always make one because the temptation to get one at every drive thru I pass is just too much to bear. I have been brewing big pots of strong coffee and cooling it and keeping it in the fridge, havent tried cold brew yet although it sounds so cool! As well as making simple syrup so it can be sweetened to taste… works wonders! photo 4 Also I have been loving the nice cold sweet white wine lately. But I am honestly such a sucker for Juice… maybe I was deprived as a kid but I just love sweet sugary juice. always.

How are my photography skills?

I would say bad, quite iPhone typical… but you are the one looking at my pics, so maybe you should tell me.

It’s been fun! Until next time!!




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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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