Mothers Day 2014

This Mother’s Day we decided to try something different. [Edited to add some more pictures, now that I got the cloud working in my favour]

I convinced some of my sisters and my mother to join me in running (or walking) a 5 Kilometre Run/Walk in support of the Neonatal Intensive Care Units at our cities major hospitals.   Maybe for some families that is an ordinary thing to do, especially at this event (which had more than 15,000 participants this year in our city alone!) But it was a totally new experience for most of us, and we love it! I decided to be all techy and live-tweet the experience (mostly because we thought we were being funny an used a hashtag as our team name when we registered)

My sister Anne showing off our glamorous Tshirts

I am not a skilled runner, and no where close to “in shape” and so I decided to not hurt myself (like I did when I went on a training run an accidentally ended going 6.2 k) So my mom and I, who ran/walked together, finished in 58 minutes. Sounds good for the first time, and it won’t be the last. Maybe we will try again on Father’s day and have a much better time.

Our team: #Runforthebabies consisted of my mother, 3 sisters, brother, brother in law, and my little nephew riding a long!

But I learned a lot about twitter, running, and our family in the process! My sweet husband stayed home with our two babies, and my dad and brother in law wannabe came over to help cook a delicious brunch of eggs benedict and lots of fresh fruit for when we finished the run! Delicious.



It was so much fun to take on something challenging (ok maybe the being up and at the starting line at 8 am on a Sunday morning was the challenge) together as a family, get out and make some memories an burn some calories before indulging in so many more. Very memorable way to spend mothers day! Love you Mom!

My mama and her granbabies

My mama and her grandbabies


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