Clara – a look back from 1 month to 1 year

Amidst all these updates on Huey’s growth, I thought I would put together Clara’s month by month pictures for remembrance and comparison, and I am getting shocked and shocked by how similar they look!

Clara at 1 month – she was tiny once! Not for very long.

1 monthB

and 2 months – I think by now she was hitting the 105th percentile.

2monthsA3 months – three months appears to be a bulking up stage to prepare for the burst of growth that’s about to happen.

3 months (3)

4 months – little precious peanut. I should take a picture of Hugh in the same shirt, yay for unisex clothing! That is a 9 month size that she wore at 4 months, and Hugh is wearing at 2!

4 months (2)

5 months – she can sit! Makes present opening all the more fun for Christmas time

???????????????????????????????6 months – Such a cute little crawler. Beautiful blue eyes. The yellow “bee” blanket she is sitting on was mine when I was a baby, and around the time this picture was taken it became her lovey that she still requires every night and every nap to fall asleep.

6 months (6)

7 months – she can stand! And she is a wee bit excited about it!

???????????????????????????????8 months – such a sweetie! celebrating St. Patrick’s day

8 months (2)

9 months -almost ready to walk! This push toy was a good investment.

9 months (1)10 months – definitely a climber by now, and a walker (no not the zombie kind, although we used to always say she could audition to do sound effects for the show)

10 Months (12)

11 months – a little too squirmy to hold still for photos and more!

11 Months (7)

and at her first birthday. (So many cute photos from this month, can barely decide!!!)

IMG_1333 IMG_1444 IMG_3415

She’s a fun one, and its been amazing to watch her grow!






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3 Responses to Clara – a look back from 1 month to 1 year

  1. Theresa says:

    Such a cutie!! She looks a LOT like Hugh in the 2-4 month pictures. You’ll have to do a side-by-side month-by-month of the two of them when he turns 1 🙂


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