No “To Do” how about a “Gets DONE” list

Not every day is like this. Allow me to enjoy my productive day.

My whole brain is one big tangled “to do” pile of spaghetti. Thoughts constantly running from things I “could be doing”, “should be doing”, “should have done”, all the way to “needs cleaning”, “needs fixing”, “needs to be bought”, “needs to be returned”, etc etc etc, lists everywhere.

So the official “To Do” list on my phone is more of a URGENT list than anything, and after today I am thinking of calling it the “Gets Done” list. Although, I am sure on 99% of days, which are far far less productive than today, I will want to redact that… Anyway, the other night I bumped a few things up from somewhere in the chaos of “to do sometime when it seems important” to the “OOO this is important NOW!” and hustled down to order Hugh’s birth certificate and passport pictures for our upcoming trip.

Clara looking like a criminal mastermind for comparison

Clara looking like a criminal mastermind for comparison

So that’s done. Not that it was easy, getting a 2 month old to stare expressionlessly directly into a camera with no shine on their face is never a walk in the park.

Anyway, while we waited for the picture to be ready, I found this adorable little getup for him to wear to the wedding!

handsome boy might upstage the groom!

handsome boy might upstage the groom!

Don’t even get me started on my 2 month old in 12 month clothes… I’m hoping THIS won’t be too small for June.

Also, put together the Easter Baskets, which probably had too much stuff in and I haven’t even touched the chocolate (to tempting to open those cellophane bags, how can sealed plastic be as protective as a vault?)

018eb15971dc8041843f8d169b68f41d397df98e2eFor Clara: markers, glow sticks, garden tools and a water bottle from target. A chocolate bunny (I got this one mostly for the fun tin) from the grocery store.

For Hugh: Cute little animal teethers, and bath markers and a sippy cup which are regifted from gifts he received already but obviously, still are to old for him. I had a hard enough time convincing my husband to let me get anything for the 2 month old who has no idea what’s going on!

For all of us, this cute little tea set from Ikea. Clara LOVES tea parties and with these tiny cups, less to spill. WIN!

I did get a few more things done in the kitchen (making granola and Greek yogurt, and granola bars) and picking up a much needed item for myself and my constant nursing so really; a day for a do-er like me to thoroughly enjoy!  and… I blogged!!

So, after all, I had to reward myself (and my babysitter, of course) with a Starbucks. Honestly, one of the best luxuries of sharing our house with my sisters family is being able to ask her to watch the baby monitor while Clara sleeps (1-4pm today! not always that long) so I can get out of the house and get some (lots today!) of things done. Thanks Em!!

Remind me of this tomorrow when I am scrambling to get dressed at 3:45pm 😉


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Wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother, all those good things any many more. Crafter, extrovert, life-long-learner just for the fun of it, when my 4 little (and not so little) babies give me the chance for anything beyond keeping them fed and clean and our lives relatively calm and peaceful.
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One Response to No “To Do” how about a “Gets DONE” list

  1. Anne says:

    Amy, why are you buying them baskets? Shouldn’t the Easter bunny be doing that? Wait, are you saying there is no Easter bunny?


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