Whats been Cookin Lately

One of my endeavours for Lent was to ‘eat the back of the pantry and bottom of the freezer’ so I have been having to find out new recipes to use of the ingredients I am finding. Also hoping this reduces our grocery budget, and gives us more real, unprocessed, un-pronouncable ingredentless food. Thus I have been trying a lot of new things lately. Heres some of the successes!

We ended up with a unseemly amount of quick oats, (multiple shoppers in one house = 15 kg (33lbs) of oats… oops) and thats more oatmeal or cookies than one gal can eat, so I learned how to make Granola. Easy peasy and I have tried a few varieties, Maple Walnut is my fave, but Toasted Coconut was also a hit.


I also learned how to make Granola Bars (the soft chewy ones, with chocolate of course) and there are so many recipes for all these things on the line, but this tutorial had so many good tips and tricks so I have to share.  http://www.inspiredtaste.net/21462/soft-and-chewy-granola-bars-recipe/  (My hyperlinking ability is comprimised by this mini ipad) (and spell check too apparently)

These are the ones I am trying to save long enough to share with my mom and dad and little sibs

These are the ones I am trying to save long enough to share with my mom and dad and little sibs

Then I moved on to home made yogurt, to go with the granola. I had heard about making it in the crock pot, and I have had two great successes and one horrible failure (when I went more by memory than following the recipes) so I suggest if you are going to do it, follow a recipe. Although I will add, some recipes were terribly complex and required weird things I didn’t have like a milk thermometer, so if the first recipe you find is too scary, keep looking. I especially liked the ability to strain it into greek yogurt at the end, and was looking forward to making the latest batch into tzatziki, but *tear* fail batch. maybe next time.

Also tackled were home made bread from scratch (we use a bread machine a lot but I wanted to try the kneading, maybe it will give me toned arms… heres hoping) and my brilliant mother had clipped this recipe off a bag of flour, reasoning that if they wanted to sell a lot of flour, they had better be giving a stellar recipe.

Don't mind the creepy eye ball, thats just a magnet on my moms fridge

Don’t mind the creepy eye ball, thats just a magnet on my moms fridge

Well it appears they did.


Although I didn’t had the additive free flour, and used half whole wheat and half white. Also who has 4 loaf pans? So I froze one loaf worth of dough and made another into the haphazard shaped buns you see.

And to top it all off… A friend introduced me to the deliciousness that is one ingredient icecream. Frozen Bananas! So easy and creamy and delicious.

and of course eat it with a baby spoon. Last longer in tiny bites

and of course eat it with a baby spoon. Lasts longer in tiny bites

Slice and freeze ripe bananas, then blend for a minute or so in a food processor (I only have the little attachment for a hand blender, a regular blender would probably work too) Until you see the creamy smooth texture like icecream. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter, or cocoa or vanilla or whatever else strikes your fancy. Soo Delicious. Try this!




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One Response to Whats been Cookin Lately

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m “favoriting” this post to try these out one day! Since the detergent recipe worked well, I’m going to trust you on these too. 🙂


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