Clara’s Vocabulary

On the 17th of this month, Clara will be 20 months old! That’s a fair ways beyond the “one and a half” we throw out when ever someone asks how old she is. In baby years, two months is practically a lifetime, so I thought I would try to record a bit about what she’s doing now. Granted, this may turn into the kind of post that, if your not me or one of Clara’s grandmas, you don’t reaaaaally care for so many details, but hey! It’s my blog and probably most of the people reading ARE me and her grandmas, so. Tis life!


At the moment, Clara’s picking up new words every day, but still not stringing any of them together, (not even “yes please”) and usually it takes Brian or I to interpret some of her monosyllabic grunts, but if you are me, you can clearly tell she can say all of the following words (and probably tones more but I can’t think of them because…baby brain!)

Na (means “done”)
Mo – more
Mamaaaa (an octave higher than any other word)
Dadeeeeee (three or four octaves lower than normal speech)
Nana – gramma
Eeeeee  (can mean see, tea, me, pee, monkey all depends on accompanying gestures and facial expressions)
Eeee uh oh- curious George
Dor dor- Dora the explorer
Deeego- Diego
Ewwe- Hugh
Dippadeee- spaghetti
Bubbles (again this can mean bubbles, wash, water, fish)
Ardo (this one confuses us a lot, sometimes it means Martin, one of her uncles, and other times it is a plea for water)
Deeez- please (ten octaves higher than usual)
No- (could be no, or then again maybe she’s saying snow)
Boo- boots, books, poop (look at the gestures people!)
Annie- Anne
Didi- excuse me
Yaaaawwwww- yes
Faaaaaaaatha (“in the name of the Father” the sign of the cross)


Oh yes there are many more words than just that, but those are cute and encapsulate the little darling we share our lives with.



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