7QT vol 1

coming out of silence to link up with Jen and all the other quick-takers out there!

— 1 —

We are some of those crazy people who camp!  Even in September, in Canada! There are some warm places, and as long as you are prepared for the possibility of cold, it is survivable!

happy camper

We had quite an enjoyable time, despite the early wake ups and minimal naps (Thank you sunshine!) it is such a joy to watch our little daughter getting to play with her uncles and aunts and grandparents, and she was quite the Happy Camper indulging in her new found love of rocks!

— 2 —

Need to share some fascinating links from this week. The Pope’s Interview published in America magazine. I really suggest reading prayerfully through all 11,031 (my count) words yourself, as they can’t really be reduced to a few hundred with much clarity. Although there are some great articles out there offering commentary and summaries, and many have helped my get a better understanding of just what is being said!

— 3 —

Speaking of Popes, I found the story of Pope Emeritus Benedict’s 11 page letter to a prominent Italian atheist really intriguing. I really thought we might not hear much from our retired pope, but he’s proving me wrong. I think he and Pope Francis are really on the same page in wanting to meet people where they are at and engage in these conversations that might help bring the truth to light.

— 4 —

Another cool link is this man’s experience of detoxing from the internet and going 30 days with no internet. at. all. Did I mention he is the CEO of a multi-media company that is almost totally internet based? Not to mention has a family of 6 kids, that’s a lot of balls in the air and arguably the internet could ADD a lot to his life, but he decided to truly see how much it was adding, as opposed to sucking out of his life, he cut back to zero for a whole month.  Go Dominic! I think its awesome when people try to be more conscientious of how much media they are consuming and how it is affecting their life.

Is that a lot of links to share? Well its been a boring week besides all these interesting things going on out there in the big world!

— 5 —

First night of possible frost  did come around these parts. Temps dipping below zero, so I pulled all my potted plants inside and with the gardening season over, I officially declare my gardening experiment of the year a failure. Not even 1 zucchini! Zucchini!! Isn’t that what everyone has so many of that they are sneaking them into other peoples cars in the parking lot at Mass? Maybe I will have better luck (or some actual skills) by next spring.

(I tried to find a picture of a sad zucchini, but I guess all cartoon drawings of vegetables on the internet exist to make kids WANT to eat vegetables, I have never seen so many smiling squashes in my life. Thanks Google images.)

now you have too. You’re welcome.

— 6 —

My sister and brother in law tried to teach our 1 year old how to play cards. She is pretty smart, but…. anyway she had a fun time being included in the game!


— 7 —

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One Response to 7QT vol 1

  1. Patty says:

    I love Clara’s little t-shirt, too cute!! I love camping as long as it doesn’t rain, I’ll bet it is just beautiful where you live in the fall now too!


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